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Photography Packages

Adelaide Baby Photos have a variety of photo packages to suit your needs. Please explore our categories below to learn about the options available. 

Babies 3-6 wks-1.jpg

Newborn shoots are for babies less than 3 weeks old... Read more.



Packages that include both pregnancy  & newborn images... Read more

Babies 6 months-6.jpg

Babies 6-9 Months

You can still get some gorgeous photos... Read more


Beautiful images to celebrate your pregnancy journey... Read more


Babies 3-6 Weeks

You can still get some gorgeous photos... Read more

cake smash-2.jpg

Cake Smash Photos

1st birthdays are a great time to get the family and friends... Read more


Beautiful prints to hang on your wall are available for purchase for any of our packages.


Our prints are printed on archive photographic paper, guaranteed not to fade or change colour.

Gift Certificates

The perfect present for a baby shower!

Contact me to discuss what you would like to get and how much you would like to spend and I will put a package together for you.


Frequently Asked Questions about Newborn Photos 

How old should my baby be? 

For those gorgeous sleepy baby photos you need to get the photos taken in the first two weeks! 


At this age your baby is happy to curl up and be moved around and is still very flexible. If your baby is older than 2 weeks please have a look at my  Older Babies packages. 

When is the best time to take photos? 

The best time to take the photos is usually the morning, by the time your little bundle of joy has kept you up all night, they are ready for a feed and a nice long nap!


I recommend a feed just before leaving for the shoot and then a top-up when you get here so that they will fall asleep soon after arriving.

How long does it take? 

Well, that depends on your baby, if he or she is very sleepy it will take about an 2 hours. If your baby is unsettled it could take 3 hours, either way it doesn’t matter, we go at the baby’s pace and comfort.


I love what I do so I can spend the whole day, it doesn’t faze me (but I don’t think baby would be too keen!).

When should I book? 

In order to avoid disappointment, it’s best to book your newborn shoot while you are still pregnant. That way you know that I have space for you.


If your baby comes early (or late) it is easier to swap with someone else if we have an appointment reserved.

What should I wear and bring on the day? 

I have heaps of props and backdrops, so as far as your baby is concerned, just bring any toys, quilts or clothes that you particularly would like a photo taken with.


For the parents, as much flesh showing as possible is good, so bring a black sleeveless or short-sleeved top, and dads if you’re happy going shirtless you will get some stunning photos! Mums don’t worry about the post-baby bulge, the photos will be from elbows up!

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